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The Antico Story Part 1 'Fresh from Italy, a new company is born'

Posted on 28 April 2016

Nestled in Italy’s Calabrian countryside is the town of Terra Nova Sappo Minulio.  An agricultural region for centuries, the area is rich in vineyards and orchards the fruits of which ignite a fierce passion for fresh produce amongst its local population.  It is here, amid the plantations and orchards that our Antico story begins.


In 1923, after the end of the First World War, Guiseppe Antico migrated to Australia from Terra Nova bringing this fierce passion with him.  Some six years later he was able to save enough to bring over his wife Concetta and his two young sons, Rocco and Vincenzo.

Guiseppe and Concetta had an additional five children; Frances, Joe, Tony, Rose and Attilio, later known as John.  After several small business ventures, Guiseppe settled his family into a fruit shop in the suburb of Mascot, near Sydney airport.

During these early years, the family lived and worked in the fruit shop, securing the best produce in the area for their customers.  From a very early age all the children were well-versed in the entrepreneurial spirit. As the children grew, it became clear expansion was necessary to support the family and in the early 1950s when Guiseppe retired, Joe, Tony and John had the vision to open a Fresh Produce company.  With an inherited passion for the freshest and best, the trio were responsible for the start of the now industry-leading Antico business.

to be continued...



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